Friday, July 13, 2012

Simonton Windows Reviews

I would never order another Simonton Window for our house. Bought a 4 casement style for Living Room. First of all the order did not arrive on time when the contractor went to pick it up, not there. Then the 2nd time they told me the windows are here but 1 casement has a stress fracture but we will install all and re-order the one casement and come and put it in, well a Simonton Rep came to install it and he was down the road 5 minutes and I looked and it had a stress crack again>@>@>%% called him back and he re-ordered the window again, it came in due time, but after it was installed I looked down and the vinyl spacer bar between the two panes was bowed like a canoe, oh my what to do, order again, oh no the rep says that is not in eyeline view, well I am not satisfied so do we order the 4th time or do we take a gun and fix the problem window. This is the actual truth. I am going back to Wasco Windows like the rest of the house.


Vanda said...

I’m considering installing Simonton windows, but I’m concerned with all of the complaints about leaking windows! Are they really that bad, or is it the installation?

Alex said...

We bought a house with all simonton Sears windows.
We found out after living here a little over a year that all of the slider windows (6) lhave been leaking water into the walls. They are 8 years old now. We have found mold and ants under the worst ones once we took the sheet rock off below the windows.
The 2 patio doors also leak large amounts of water.

The problem seams to be in a snap joint at the bottom of the window tha runs the full width of each window. Water is not suposed to get thru but it does!

Sears is going to do some things to stop the leaks, but I believe it is a Simonton design flaw.
Thank you Sears for helping us.

Latest News said...

I have 9 double hung Simonton replacement windows (in my 82 year old house) which I installed myself - I'm not a pro, just handy - over the past two years. I have to say they are very good, probably not the best windows. Overall I am very satisfied though. I think proper installation is the key. Not to toot my own horn, I feel I did a better job than most pro installers because I used a high quality caulk wherever needed and spray foamed all interior gaps. I am sure I went beyond normal installations because I even filled the void where the window weights were with solid and spray foam. Also the gap between the outside sill and bottom of window was foamed. This all takes time, but is worth it.
Any window that is not well sealed when installed will leak.